The Brothaz Helping Brothaz is a new outreach program targeting MSM of Color residing in Metro-Atlanta and the five neighboring counties. Our primary goal(s) are to identify MSMOC out of care and link to them into care, identify HIV+ MSMOC with substance abuse and/or mental health challenges and link into recovery programs, educate HIV(-) MSMOC about PrEP and other prevention tools. Build a network of the Brothaz in the south with goal to help other Brothaz.

Our activities consist of utilizing outreach, recruitment, and linkage.


o Informing the community about Brothaz Helping Brothaz

o Street Outreach, eOutreach and Event Outreach


o Passive program enrollment – Online social media .i.e. likes, comments

o Active program enrollment – participants in groups, events and social media topics


o Medical Providers

o PrEP Education and Providers

o Mental Health Provider culturally sensitive to MSM of Color

o Linkage to Social Determinants of Health services providers.

• Increase # of 2500 MSMOC and at-risk individuals, HIV testing via our social networks.

• Increase 5/250 (2%) of the MSMOC identified newly diagnosed with HIV.

• Increase # of the MSMOC test positive for HIV linked to medical care

• Increase # MSMOC and at-risk HIV (-) educated about PrEP.

• Increase #MSMOC enrolled in PrEP programs in the South

• Reduce new infection among MSM of Color in the South

• Improve MSMOC online engagement with content and engagement.

• Strengthen the response to the National HIV/AIDS strategy.

• Strengthen the national response for the diffusion of HIV prevention and Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) education.

Create a network promoting MSM of Color access to healthcare, and substance abuse/co-occurring disorder advocacy.